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Landlord-Tenant Disputes

Landlord–Tenant Disputes

Resolving Jacksonville Landlord-Tenant Disputes

Thorough and professional Florida real estate lawyers assisting landlords and tenants

While landlords and tenants are not required by law to have a lease, written rental agreements are essential to protect the rights and enumerate the responsibilities of each party. At Lippelman Horan Attorneys at Law, our Jacksonville real estate lawyers assist both landlords and tenants in carefully drafting and reviewing lease terms to ensure compliance with landlord-tenant laws and provide additional protections for clients. When a landlord-tenant dispute is already in progress, we help resolve the issues through professional representation, including aggressively protecting the rights of clients in courtroom litigation.

Rights and responsibilities of landlords and tenants

Landlords and tenants have many rights and responsibilities under the law even when they are not addressed in a lease. For example, residential landlords must ensure dwellings are safe and habitable, while tenants must maintain the dwelling without damage and refrain from illegal activities or disturbing neighbors. Through more than 65 years of legal experience, our firm helps clients understand their legal obligations and advises them on how to protect their rights through carefully drafted lease agreements. Residential and commercial leases should address issues such as security deposits, amount of rent and payment due date, the length of the tenancy, subleasing and lease termination. There are many other provisions our firm helps you consider, ranging from whether pets or children are allowed in a residential unit to negotiating go-dark provisions in a commercial lease.

Lease disputes and eviction

Each Jacksonville real estate attorney with the firm provides assistance in all types of lease disputes, from failure to pay rent to violation of lease terms and from security deposit disputes to illegal lockouts. When tenants fail to meet their responsibilities under a lease or the law, landlords may take certain steps to evict them. The eviction process is complex and whether there is cause for eviction is not always clear. In situations when a landlord’s action for eviction is not justified, the landlord failed to give notice or there was an illegal lockout, our attorneys provide thorough and efficient representation for tenants. When a landlord has cause to evict a tenant, our attorneys help seeking evictions for a wide variety of reasons:

  • Nonpayment of rent
  • Violations of law or a rental agreement
  • Abandonment
  • Illegal holdover

Seek the help of highly qualified Jacksonville landlord-tenant lawyers to resolve your dispute

From helping landlords and tenants negotiate and draft thorough and practical lease agreements to protect their rights to resolving disputes and assisting with evictions, the attorneys of Lippelman Horan provide comprehensive representation to clients in Jacksonville and throughout Nassau and Clay counties. To speak to one of our seasoned attorneys today, contact us online or call us 904-999-0070 for a consultation.

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